The Royal Academy Schools Show, 2011 marks the end of an era for Keeper, Maurice Cockrill RA.

His dedication to the Schools and its students is truly inspirational - from giving character references to the police to aid the drunk and disorderly to fund raising and sharing a smile - Maurice will be missed.  His successor, Eileen Cooper RA, the first female Keeper will however have no problem filling his shoes. 

My favorite in this years exhibition is by far the work of dance floor friend Loz (Laurence Chalk), with his crassly but beautifully made objects of contemporary culture...

Central Saint Martins College - End of an Era

CSM's 2011 graduate exhibition is the last to be held on Charring X Rd before moving.  There were a number of works in the exhibition that referenced the students feeling towards this...

With a small handful of gems, this is worth visiting on a quiet day, getting lost amongst the artworks - contemplating what does art school actually mean in 2011?
  Marcus Woodcocks shit stained pants were a surprising favorite - hung elegantly representing fear...


 With gray skies, broken crockery, the smell of hot dogs and goods being sold before official opening, Art Carboot this year was pretty much like any other UK summer fate...

Art Carboot, Sunday 19th June

STILLEVEN - Alana Lake, Solo Exhibition

STILLEVEN is a culmination of almost two years work. The exhibition emphasises my playful approach to image making, incorporating intervention and jarring composition. Juxtaposition is employed as a tool for introducing a non-linear fantasy narrative; atomised fragments collide to invoke the mythology of my connection to my surroundings.

Although my photographs are an account of what I see and feel, the work also operate on a more universal level; hinting at our shared reality of dislocation, obsession, isolation, loss and desire. I have a recurring set of motifs that feature in my work; birds, hands, inversion and symmetry which symbolize freedom, death, rebellion and beauty in my personal iconography.

“Alana Lake is restless. She will not be what you want her to be. Refusing to be typecast, she does not fit into one of the half dozen or so categories which critics use to traverse
contemporary art photography. She could easily fit into several; or all of them; and more besides.” 

David Evans, 2011

+44 0845 604 8476

64 - 66 Redchurch St

11-6 Mon – Sat
11-5 Sun



'a detour into the unexplored potential of the modern project' certainly are that.

The S.E. London arts collective established themselves in 2008, striving to promote 'good music, entertainment and art'.

OFF MODERN describe themselves as "a meeting point for creative people", something that was 'missing'...

OFF MODERN have hosted a range of events, taking full advantage of S.E. London's thriving art scene full of students from Camberwell and Goldsmiths, all hungry for a good night out that still allows for critical dialogue and arts appreciation.

James Howard - AUTHORIZED

James Howard 

has had a run of success since graduating from the Royal Academy Schools. It is no surprise to me that Charles Saatchi bought his entire degree show, an exhibition of satirical but playful digital prints.

His recent solo exhibition at the Aubin Gallery continues to explore the same themes - vinyl banners and video works that at a glance seem to be the type of pop-up advert we may encounter on the internet. Adverts that use cheap tricks, bright colors and plays on words hooking the audience in. Upon closer inspection it soon becomes apparent that these are a mockery, the 'products' for sale, that promise to offer better health, wealth, or peace of mind in fact probe fun at our search for a more full filled existence.

AUTHORIZED runs from 28th April - 26th May at the Aubin Gallery (64-66 Redchurch St).

OFF MODERN - (click here to watch Vice & Off Modern)

Off Modern are a creative collective based in South East London. Since 2008 they've become a platform for young artists and musicians in the area. Vice hung out with them as they prepared for a unique event at Peckham's Son Gallery.


7th April 2011

Selfish Cunt are undeniably one of my favorite live acts.
Martin is like a group one metal mixed with water, vigorously
reacting to his surroundings...

Mass, Tomorrow Never Happened at The Aubin Gallery

7th April - 21st April

Mass, Tomorrow Never Happened opened it's doors to
the public on 7th April (First Thursday). As usual the
gallery was packed to the rafters with avid art goers enjoying
a free drink (or two).

Mass showcases the work of






'Now, at a time when mass culture has reached a crescendo in which it reflects the image world that once pretended to reflect reality we find a new set of contemporary artists debating the resultant atomization. Rather than celebrating all that is new, the artists here point a finger of criticism toward that constant striving, questioning media representations of our lives and a disparity between the myth of future perfection and the comfort of nostalgia.'

Fashion icon Svenja Specht

Fashion icon Svenja Specht, a renowned figure in the Berlin fashion scene speaks in an exclusive interview (below) about her creative processes, and unique collaborations with the likes of contemporary artist Jen Ray, Graphic Designer Julie Gayard and Onitsuka Tiger, to name but a few... Specht is also the architect behind the infamous Reality Studio!

Watch here for more info


Reality Studio from Onitsuka Tiger on Vimeo.

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water
Curated by Fieldgate Gallery
3rd-31st March 2011

Smoke on the Water, an exhibition conceived by Richard Ducker of Fieldgate Gallery is a stunning and playful mix of video works, with the addition of one near invisible sculptural piece by Alice Anderson.

The show also includes Stuart Croft, Tom Dale, Horn and Hund, Igloo and Paul O'Kane. The instillation is every bit as imaginative as the title suggests, with fleeting moments of magic and suspense...

Love Me Not When I Look

Love Me Not When I Look, a video projection by Alana Lake, was installed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOCA), London. The private viewing coincided with the launch of the South London Art Map and Last Friday...

The video talks about obsessive love, desire and fantasy.

Love Me Not When I Look opened Fri 25th @ MOCA...

Wretched Beasts...

Wretched Beasts, (Could you hear them too?) 2009

Royal Academy Schools Show, 2009...
Installation shot

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